Healing Together

Samantha's Story

Mother comforting daughter

My daughter had gotten into a lot of trouble in high school, including abusing alcohol. She seemed to be doing well after high school and after getting married, but eventually she and her husband both became addicted to prescription pain medication. Even though my daughter was the one with the addiction, our entire family was affected.

Before we knew that my daughter and her husband were abusing pain medication, they would come to us every once in a while and ask us for a pain pill that my husband was prescribed for his back problems. We didn’t realize that they were becoming addicted to pain medication, and we thought we were helping them by giving them pills.

Over time things got worse and worse. They stole medicine from her husband’s parents and from us. We thought about calling the police on several occasions, but didn’t call until they stole a handgun from us with the intention of harming themselves. Their addictions had led them to a point of despair and they didn’t see any way out. After they had gone to jail for stealing the gun, I realized what I had been doing wrong by not calling the police before. The detective told us that they were safe in jail. I had a hard time understanding him at the time, but I realized later that what he said was true because they couldn’t use drugs in jail.

Several times throughout this experience, I’ve been blessed by the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I was so worried about my daughter, but the Spirit testified to me that everything would work out and that she would be fine. By a miracle, my daughter was sentenced to complete the Drug Court program and she and her husband were able to work through couple’s counseling together that the Drug Court program offers.

After she got out of jail, my daughter and I went to Addiction Recovery Program meetings and Narcotics Anonymous meetings together. I’ve tried to be a part of her recovery and that has helped me heal as well. ARP meetings are powerful because the Spirit is so strong there. It is indescribable how amazing it is to be in a group of people who are working together to help each other. Throughout this time, we said a lot of prayers on behalf of my daughter and her husband. I know that her recovery and our healing wouldn’t be possible without Heavenly Father.

At one point during her addiction, as I awoke from a dream I saw my daughter and her husband in my mind looking as though they were lost and couldn’t find their way. Now that feeling is gone and I know they’re in the right place. My daughter and her husband have both been clean for two years through the power of the Atonement. Christ cares so much about each one of us—even people who suffer from addiction. He doesn’t want them to be lost—he wants to help them. I have seen many great changes come into their lives and ours through our faith in our Heavenly Father.