Dear Cherie

Advice to My Younger Self

Cherie holding a picture of herself from several years ago.

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Dear Cherie,

You are a wonderful young woman! I know your pure, good heart. I also know how sad you are. Dad left our family, and Mom drinks. Life feels so out of control. It’s confusing and embarrassing—even scary. None of it is your fault. I know how much you wish it would all stop, but there really isn’t anything you can do that will fix the problems. Only God can.

I know you have been wondering if there is a God. Your friend says there is, and something inside you believes that too. Follow those promptings. You will find Him, I promise. God will send missionaries to teach you truths about His plan of happiness, designed just for you. You will listen and your heart will believe. Practice trusting Him. Take His hand, and you will be okay. Something inside of you will recognize God’s Spirit, which will guide you through your life. You will feel God’s love for you because you are one of His precious daughters.

With God’s help, you will come to understand His plan for you and that the experiences you are now having will teach you things that you could learn in no other way. Out of your pain and wounds will come understanding, compassion, empathy, and love, which you will be able to draw upon to lift others. You will also be prepared when addiction enters your life again.

You will be blessed with five beautiful children. A son will suffer great sorrow. He will turn to addictive behaviors, and he will look to you for answers. You will love this son, and he will connect with your love. He will see you are happy because you trust God. Your son will fight a tough battle. He will practice believing that God loves him and can heal him. With this growing desire, he will be on a path of progression and healing. I have to tell you something very painful. Your son will be called home to God before you would want him to leave. Yet, even through your great sorrow, you will be able to clearly see God’s hand in all these things.

You will find comfort and peace in knowing of God’s love for each one of His children and in knowing of His infinite Atonement. You don’t have to worry. Things don’t end when this life ends. Elder Dallin H. Oaks will teach you that not all problems are overcome in this life. Personal progression and the work of salvation go on beyond the veil of death. Elder Oaks teaches that our relationships can be fixed and healed there too. You will be given a sure knowledge that your son is happy and progressing beyond this life. Mom and Dad are also progressing there.

Remember, look to God, hope, trust, and live!

With love,


Dear Cherie