• Aligning My Will with God'sAligning My Will with God's
    Heather relied on the Savior for support as she struggled with the decision to give her son up for adoption during her husband's recovery from a drug addiction.

  • 12 Steps to Change12 Steps to Change
    Kathy's alcoholism tore her family apart. She shares how the 12 Step Program helped her repair her relationship with her children and with God.

  • Support in Stepping Out of the ShadowsSupport in Stepping Out of the Shadows
    After returning from his mission, Ryan became addicted to alcohol after just one drink. He shares how he found support in changing his life.

  • Where My Life ChangedWhere My Life Changed
    After his third marriage ended, Richard decided he needed to make a change. He tells about the Addiction Recovery Meeting that gave him the hope he needed to recover from a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Turning into the LightTurning into the Light
    Tyler shares a poem testifying that the grace of Christ is stronger than the chains of sin.

  • Dear KileeDear Kilee
    Kilee writes to her younger self about the pain caused by her husband’s addiction, and how she was strengthened through Christ's atonement.

  • Dear TCDear TC
    TC writes to herself about her husband’s addiction and how she needs to take care of herself during this trying time in her life.

  • Dear MaryDear Mary
    Mary writes to her younger self about coping with her sons’ addictions and how the scriptures can give her comfort during this difficult time in her life.

  • Dear CherieDear Cherie
    Cherie writes to her younger self about the hardship of having parents who struggle with addiction, as well as the pain that comes from seeing one of her own sons undergo a similar trial.