• Relying on FaithRelying on Faith
    Jenna spent time in and out of rehabilitation throughout high school and college. After giving up her addictions, she found the healing she needed through the Addiction Recovery Program as she learned to rely on her faith through difficult times.

  • The Lord Sends His ServantsThe Lord Sends His Servants
    A simple note from a home teacher helped Robert find the courage to pray sincerely for recovery and seek the path back to the gospel.

  • The Search for Something MoreThe Search for Something More
    Chris’s life was filled with abuse and addiction. After many struggles and relapses, he realized the power of the Atonement could transform his heart.

  • We'll Do It TogetherWe'll Do It Together
    Kristine and her husband knew their addictive lifestyles were destroying their lives. But together, they worked to find happiness again.

  • What Life's AboutWhat Life's About
    As Jon became enveloped in the world of drugs and alcohol, he wondered what life was really about. After finding the Church, Jon yearned to rid himself of his addictions so that he could attend the temple.

  • There is HopeThere is Hope
    Norma learned about the Addiction Recovery Program while incarcerated for drug trafficking. Through constant study and weekly visits from a caring bishop, Norma found healing and forgiveness.

  • Surrendering Myself to the LordSurrendering Myself to the Lord
    Nathanial’s addictions to prescription and illicit drugs put him out on the streets. The testimonies of those in the Addiction Recovery Program helped him change his heart.

  • Allowing the Lord to SteerAllowing the Lord to Steer
    Janene’s constant worry about her son’s drug and alcohol addictions turned her into someone she didn’t want to be. But through attending the ARP Family Support Group meetings, Janene found strength and peace.

  • Lost, but Now FoundLost, but Now Found
    Diane’s son was lost in the world of drugs and alcohol for many years. Her son learned from her example to rely on the Savior and, in turn, helped many of his fellow strugglers find the same path.