• Nothing is ImpossibleNothing is Impossible
    After Kacie learned about her husband's pornography addiction, she was faced with the decision to continue or end their marriage. After much prayer, her decision led to her own healing and recovery.

  • I Am LovedI Am Loved
    When Staci heard her boyfriend was addicted to pornography, she did all she could to help him on the road to recovery. Through her experiences, she gained a testimony of God’s love for His children.

  • Finding Myself AgainFinding Myself Again
    It was only five months into their marriage when Alicia’s husband succumbed to his pornography addiction again. After many heart-felt prayers and questions about her marriage, Alicia was able to positively move forward with the help of the Savior and her new support system.

  • Wipe My Sins and Tears AwayWipe My Sins and Tears Away
    Ryan was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pornography and desperately needed help. He found healing through the Addiction Recovery Program and felt the Savior wipe his sins and tears away. Read more here.

  • Moving MountainsMoving Mountains
    Leah thought her marriage was over when she found out about her husband’s pornography addiction, but the Lord helped her understand she was not alone. He would help move her mountains if she was willing to work at it, one scoop at a time.