• An Answer to a PrayerAn Answer to a Prayer
    Tory and her two young sons were left homeless after her addiction to Meth. Giving herself completely to the Lord, Tory received an unexpected answer to her prayers.

  • A Journey to RepentanceA Journey to Repentance
    Alexander's drug addiction caused his life to spiral out of control. After hitting rock bottom he began to turn his life around and feel the Savior's presence in his life.

  • Changed Through ChristChanged Through Christ
    Simon's alcohol and drug addiction consumed his life until he found a friend that introduced him to the church. After coming to church and talking with the bishop he was able to change through Christ and serve a mission.

  • Turning to GodTurning to God
    Lucas's experience with the missionaries helped him to overcome his alcohol and drug addictions and to turn his life over to God. He got married in the temple and is now an ARP facilitator.

  • 12 Steps to Change12 Steps to Change
    Kathy's alcoholism tore her family apart. She shares how the 12 Step Program helped her repair her relationship with her children and with God.

  • Where My Life ChangedWhere My Life Changed
    After his third marriage ended, Richard decided he needed to make a change. He tells about the Addiction Recovery Meeting that gave him the hope he needed to recover from a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • A Change of HeartA Change of Heart
    Everything in Heidi’s life seemed to crumble due to her addictions. But one prayer helped her change course, realize miracles, and find hope and happiness.

  • Becoming a New PersonBecoming a New Person
    Loren lost everything when his addictions to illegal and prescription drugs grew out of control. As he read the Book of Mormon, he turned his life around and became an example to those around him.

  • Come Unto MeCome Unto Me
    Skyler thought he could never escape from the darkness he had created in his life. His father’s inspired patience and prayer helped him find hope.