• Finding Real HappinessFinding Real Happiness
    Bryce knew he needed help with his pornography addiction, but he felt trapped and could not seem to quit. When he realized that he could not be happy until he was free from his addiction, Bryce took the steps to finding real happiness.

  • Finding What Was MissingFinding What Was Missing
    After getting a divorce, Dustin began taking pain pills. He soon found meth and landed himself in jail. He learned during this time that his Father in Heaven and father in mortality never gave up on him, finally finding what was missing in his life.

  • From the Inside OutFrom the Inside Out
    After eight years of sobriety, Dannielle relapsed into an addiction of hard drugs and bad decisions. She needed help from the law, the missionaries, and most importantly her Heavenly Father.

  • He Came to Rescue MeHe Came to Rescue Me
    Jerome was addicted to intravenous narcotics. As he sought help, he prayed for the miracle of recovery.

  • I Can Stand TallI Can Stand Tall
    Brett lived in a neighborhood where drugs and alcohol were easily accessible. After finding himself in prison, he realized he needed to change his life.

  • I Was SparedI Was Spared
    William became involved in drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors at a young age and almost lost his life. But as his faith in a loving Heavenly Father returned, William found joy in life.

  • Made in His ImageMade in His Image
    Sexual addiction interfered with Sidreis’s life in many ways, but she was terrified to attend an ARP meeting. With the encouragement of her bishop, Sidreis was able to realize she didn't have to struggle alone.

  • Moving in the Right DirectionMoving in the Right Direction
    Samuel kept relapsing with his pornography addiction, fighting to free himself from his lifelong struggle. He finally realized that he could conquer his addiction as he helped others in return.

  • Of Great WorthOf Great Worth
    Even when a drug addiction almost ended Lou Ann’s life, she still couldn’t stop. But a simple prayer in prison helped her realize the great worth she possessed as a beloved daughter of God.