• Aligning My Will with God'sAligning My Will with God's
    Heather relied on the Savior for support as she struggled with the decision to give her son up for adoption during her husband's recovery from a drug addiction.

  • Dear KileeDear Kilee
    Kilee writes to her younger self about the pain caused by her husband’s addiction, and how she was strengthened through Christ's atonement.

  • Dear TCDear TC
    TC writes to herself about her husband’s addiction and how she needs to take care of herself during this trying time in her life.

  • Dear MaryDear Mary
    Mary writes to her younger self about coping with her sons’ addictions and how the scriptures can give her comfort during this difficult time in her life.

  • Dear CherieDear Cherie
    Cherie writes to her younger self about the hardship of having parents who struggle with addiction, as well as the pain that comes from seeing one of her own sons undergo a similar trial.

  • Dear ChristyDear Christy
    Christy writes about her two oldest sons’ addiction to heroin and how, despite the difficulties of the situation, her relationship with Christ was strengthened through this experience.

  • Dear EricDear Eric
    Eric writes to his younger self about dealing with his wife’s alcohol addiction. He reminds himself of the love Heavenly Father has for him.

  • Dear StacyDear Stacy
    Stacy writes to her younger self about how she is not alone despite the way she feels because of her husband’s pornography addiction. She encourages herself to share her feelings, pray to God, and choose happiness through Christ’s Atonement.

  • Dear DarleneDear Darlene
    Darlene writes to her younger self about dealing with her son’s drug addiction. She counsels herself that by avoiding trying to “fix” her son, she will be able to more effectively support him.