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Continue to take personal inventory, and when you are wrong promptly admit it.

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Step Experiences

  • As I began the 10th step I started to finally have a feeling of being very healed, and made whole. This is what I have been desiring and hoping for since I first started recovery, and many years before that. It is a wonderful thing. All of the steps that led up to this gave me the opportunity to dive in deep and prepare myself in humble, honest sincerity with a heart yearning to love and live a life of peace. During this step I was reminded that though my heart has changed significantly I still have some shortcomings and character weaknesses to keep working with the Savior to remove. I realize now that God not only paid for my sins, but also for my weaknesses. If I humbly and honestly go to God through the day in prayer and speak with Him, as my greatest recovery sponsor, he hears me and provides the way for me to overcome all things. I'm grateful He did not take all of my weaknesses away at once but provided a way that I can gradually reach higher.

    April  2015|Messenger