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Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, share this message with others and practice these principles in all you do.

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Step Experiences

  • This morning I completed the 12th step. I feel at peace, filled with love and confidence to begin my new life. I feel reborn with a new spirit, new heart, and new mind. I have love for everyone around me, my hurtful, stained past is gone, my mind is healed of addiction, and I feel clean and whole. I am very grateful for not only the growth inside me but the new tools I have to stay clean and spiritually strong. I continue to use these tools every day. The 12th step is a principle of service and now I am able to be a support person for a young man that is beginning recovery. Last week I started as a facilitator to help lead two group meetings per week. When I was trapped in my toxic, ugly addiction I had no hope for happiness, being fully clean and the opportunity to live a fullness of my life. Now I am excited to continue forward as I nourish my soul with the goodness of God. My final message is - I love the Lord. He has changed me for good.

    April  2015|Messenger

  • After I completed all 12 steps with the help of a sponsor in a program that required contact with him every morning and every evening, my sponsor asked me to commit to sponsor other people in their working the 12 steps using the same twice-daily contact with those I would sponsor. I resisted as I felt I had spent a lot of my time for 90 days doing this program and I needed to finish this period of taking extra time out of my life. I had finished the 12-steps and would work on my maintenance, but I didn't want to continue with what seemed like a huge time commitment. However, after praying about it that night, the Lord prompted me to commit to being a sponsor. I am thankful that I followed that prompting. I have been sponsoring two different people and I have been receiving strength in my recovery from doing so. I have also been able to help them through sharing my experiences in going through the program and achieving recovery.

    October  2014|HopeInChrist