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Key Principle

Make a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself.

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Step Experiences

  • I just started writing the fearless inventory of my previous life a few days ago. Before I write these details each day I spend about 40 minutes studying the scriptures and inspiring words from latter day prophets and apostles. Then I go on a walk and pray out loud for strength. This kind of a spiritual boost helps me to see and understand my past life clearly as I write. Even though many of my past actions are painful to write and think about I can feel that the Lord is helping me learn who I am and how to strengthen my weaknesses.

    November  2014|Messenger

  • Step 4 was one of the hardest steps for me. Something that really helped me was from something my sponsor told me. He said, "Write down 3 good things for every negative thing." This has helped me to be honest but also be able to handle all the truth of my life. To dwell constantly on the past is rough. Step 4 helps us to move forward and get out the horrible things of the past on to paper and out of your mind. I am grateful for this step. I am even more grateful to be clean and I am most grateful for God who has helped me through it all.

    August  2014|Harmon

  • This step was difficult to start and go through, but it so important. It is enabling me to work on all the issues that have been bothering me for years. Heavenly Father has answered my prayers many times in going through this process of identifying the incidents and then meditating upon them. He helped me with my memory of each incident, what my thoughts and emotions were, and helped me to identify the root causes of each issue within me. He helped me to see my weaknesses and enabled me to change to a better, happier me - the real person that I am inside. My wife, children and even my parents have noticed the differences. I feel the differences as I work on my weaknesses and learn of my strengths. But this all began with really working on my inventory and sorting my problems out with His help. I am thankful to God for the mercy He's shown to me in helping me through step 4 and showing me my potential. I had lost track of the fact that I am worthwhile, but now I see.

    October  2013|Smiles