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Key Principle

Admit to ourselves, to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, to proper priesthood authority when necessary, and to another person the exact nature of our shortcomings.

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Step Experiences

  • I was impressed that it would be best for me to share my inventory with the following: my wife, my support person, the Lord and my bishop. I read it to my wife. She wrote one about herself too that she shared with me. We embraced with deep love. I felt a feeling of shame lifted and a portion of the weight of my sins lifted. We saw each other perfectly for the first time. A week later I shared my inventory with my support person. Another portion of my shame was removed and I learned more about myself. I received guidance and insight from him. A few days later I took my written sins and blessings to the top of a mountain and read them to the Lord. I felt the warmth and love from the Spirit as I stood in the cold wind. Last I took this list to my bishop. I read it all, then tore up every sin and tossed it all into his garbage. I felt love from him and the Lord. I kept the blessings written on the other side of the ripped paper. The weight of my shameful past is now gone.

    March  2015|Messenger

  • This step was scary at times. The thought of having to reveal the exact nature of all my wrongs to my Bishop and to one other person caused such worry and mixed feelings, that I wasn't sure I could complete it. My inventory was long and I decided to be brave and make appointments with my Bishop to finally resolve the matters. I'd only be able to get through 3-5 items on my inventory each time, but he was understanding and very helpful. He showed me many times why the Lord called him to be the Bishop with his sensitivity to me and to the Spirit in guiding us through our interviews. I'd sit outside his office waiting and reviewing what we were going to talk about that day and I'd ask Heavenly Father each time if I really needed to go through with this. I was so scared. But every time, I felt the Savior's love for me and that I could overcome my problems. My other person was just as kind and understanding. I am thankful to God for putting these two men in my life to help me.

    October  2013|Smiles