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Key Principle

Become entirely ready to have God remove all your character weaknesses.

Characters Remaining 

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Step Experiences

  • During the first week in step 6 I felt God slowing removing my ugly past until by the end of that week that shameful feeling was completely gone. I felt like a turtle that had a diseased shell that was finally surgically removed. With that heavy shell gone I felt free and very blessed. With the shameful feelings of my past gone, I started to feel the heavy effects of my character weaknesses. Removing that shell of my past made my weaknesses very obvious to me. I felt like I was holding them in my arms but did not know how to get rid of them. During this 6th step I learned that God was willing to take away my shameful past and was slowly healing me from my addiction. He also wanted me to learn to remove my character weaknesses and change who I was inside. As I continued to slowly heal and as I left my past behind I started to learn powerful principles to start this change. The Lord knew who I needed to become. It was time for me to start this process.

    April  2015|Messenger

  • After steps 4 and 5, I felt so good inside. I wondered why we needed steps 6 and 7. But as I worked on step 6, I began to see that I had more than just my sins to repent of. I saw that had many weaknesses. At first this was disheartening. But as I looked at all the Lord had done for me so far, I felt more and more that He would continue to help me through my weaknesses. The questions in the back of this step were helpful in identifying what God could do for me and why this was necessary. I began to see that He wanted to make more out of me than I thought I could be. I asked Him then and still do to help me through correction and understanding, to continue to show me what I need to do to become a better man, husband, son, friend, and so forth. I feel more patience for others when I see their weaknesses. I find that want to reach out to them and show them love, instead of judging them and pushing them away. I want them to know that He cares for them too, as He does me.

    October  2013|Smiles