Becoming a New Person

Loren's Story

A man reading scriptures.

I was addicted to marijuana a good portion of my life. I cleaned up for a short time and was active in the Church with my family, but I soon fell back into my addiction and added a prescription medication addiction and a sexual addiction. When my marriage fell apart, I felt like my life was beyond my control and that things would only continue to get worse. I began feeding my addictions daily and took several pain pills a day. I also started using meth and eventually learned how to manufacture it myself. I turned to heroin when I could not get pills. All of my actions eventually caused me to lose my job and family relationships. I had no identity without my family and I lost all perspective.
With everything that I was doing, however, I felt sick inside. I felt guilty and depressed. My addictions held me completely under their control. But I somehow felt that I did not fit in with the world of drugs. I was distraught at how people were exposing and raising their children around drugs. I wanted to help people, but I could not even help myself.

Eventually I got caught manufacturing meth and went on the run. I was homeless and alone. Seeing what my situation had become, I came to the point where my soul was starved for the Spirit of comfort and peace I had once known when I was active in the Church. I had read the Book of Mormon several times previously and knew I could start there to find peace. I opened its pages once again, soon deciding to turn myself in.

I went to prison on a three and a half year sentence. I look back on that time with deep gratitude for what I learned. I emerged from prison a stronger person. I was stronger physically, mentally, and more spiritually than I had ever been, and I have not returned to drugs since. From that time, I have served faithfully in many callings within the Church. I have also remarried and was recently sealed to our daughter.

When the Addiction Recovery Program came to our stake, I became a facilitator, helping moderate the sharing portion of the meetings and telling my own story of recovery. I am now serving as a missionary group leader. I have learned much from the gospel teachings contained within the twelve steps and have seen it work miracles in people’s lives. I have a firm testimony of the teachings taught in the program and of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.