He Came to Rescue Me

Jerome's Story

Christ carrying a lamb on His shoulders.

I am an anesthesiologist and a recovering addict from IV narcotics. Having had easy access to drugs because of my job, I started using narcotics daily and quickly became addicted. Soon I felt entirely unable to control my cravings and fell into complete dependence. I knew I was walking on dangerous ground, so I decided I needed to enter an inpatient program. I chose this route because I felt I had to take myself completely out of my current environment. I was trapped and I needed to find recovery.

It was during my first two or three days in the program when I cried out for Heavenly Father’s help. I asked for the obsession to the narcotics to be removed from me, praying that I could find a miracle. Over time, I felt my cravings removed and I amazingly never suffered any withdrawal symptoms, even though I had been using IV drugs daily.

Despite this miracle, my consequences for my actions at work were severe. I was fired from my job and surrendered my rights to prescribe medications. Thankfully, my medical license remained intact because I had entered rehabilitation and worked with my state medical board. 

During my second month of inpatient treatment, I suffered a severe ankle injury and needed surgery. Heavenly Father helped me get through this time by helping me not crave any narcotic pain medication. It was another miracle.

I was unable to return to work as an anesthesiologist for two years. But when the time came to return, I was led to the perfect anesthesia medical group by the direction of the Holy Ghost. The Lord knew my heart and helped me to become successful again.

My life today is a miracle. I have a wonderful, supportive wife and five beautiful children. I am a respected member of a local anesthesia group with privileges at over ten local hospitals and surgery centers. I attend church regularly and hold callings. I also attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings several times a week because I know that active participation must remain a daily part of my life if I am to remain sober. 

I know that through Jesus Christ’s love for me, my addiction to IV narcotics was miraculously removed. I have been able to forgive myself and feel relief from the guilt of addiction because of the power of the Atonement.

I know my life has been incredibly blessed and I strive to share with others the miracle of recovery. Just a few years ago, I was desperate and broken, but Heavenly Father had a plan to rescue me.