• Seeing the Lord's Hand in HealingSeeing the Lord's Hand in Healing
    Daniel's pornography addiction began at an early age and escalated as he grew older. Attending the Addiction Recovery Program meetings helped him see the Lord's hand in his life as he began the healing process.

  • An Answer to a PrayerAn Answer to a Prayer
    Tory and her two young sons were left homeless after her addiction to Meth. Giving herself completely to the Lord, Tory received an unexpected answer to her prayers.

  • A New HeartA New Heart
    Judith’s eating disorder and prescription drug addiction plagued her life for many years. The principles taught in the Addiction Recovery Program helped her find the peace she had been looking for.

  • A Journey to RepentanceA Journey to Repentance
    Alexander's drug addiction caused his life to spiral out of control. After hitting rock bottom he began to turn his life around and feel the Savior's presence in his life.

  • Changed Through ChristChanged Through Christ
    Simon's alcohol and drug addiction consumed his life until he found a friend that introduced him to the church. After coming to church and talking with the bishop he was able to change through Christ and serve a mission.

  • A Burden to No Longer CarryA Burden to No Longer Carry
    After years of struggling with the burden of her addictions, Laura found relief and healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

  • The Source of HealingThe Source of Healing
    When Andrew realized he was putting his life and his wife's life in danger with his sex and pornography addictions, he decided to speak with the bishop. Andrew found healing through Christ.

  • Turning to GodTurning to God
    Lucas's experience with the missionaries helped him to overcome his alcohol and drug addictions and to turn his life over to God. He got married in the temple and is now an ARP facilitator.

  • He Restoreth My Soul–How Christ Lifted from Me the Shadows of PornographyHe Restoreth My Soul–How Christ Lifted from Me the Shadows of Pornography
    Tyler's patriarchal blessing helped him to overcome his pornography addiction, serve a mission, and be married in the temple.