• Seeing the Lord's Hand in HealingSeeing the Lord's Hand in Healing
    Daniel's pornography addiction began at an early age and escalated as he grew older. Attending the Addiction Recovery Program meetings helped him see the Lord's hand in his life as he began the healing process.

  • A Burden to No Longer CarryA Burden to No Longer Carry
    After years of struggling with the burden of her addictions, Laura found relief and healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

  • The Source of HealingThe Source of Healing
    When Andrew realized he was putting his life and his wife's life in danger with his sex and pornography addictions, he decided to speak with the bishop. Andrew found healing through Christ.

  • He Restoreth My Soul–How Christ Lifted from Me the Shadows of PornographyHe Restoreth My Soul–How Christ Lifted from Me the Shadows of Pornography
    Tyler's patriarchal blessing helped him to overcome his pornography addiction, serve a mission, and be married in the temple.

  • Dear StacyDear Stacy
    Stacy writes to her younger self about how she is not alone despite the way she feels because of her husband’s pornography addiction. She encourages herself to share her feelings, pray to God, and choose happiness through Christ’s Atonement.

  • Dear BridgetDear Bridget
    Bridget writes to her younger self about the pain of dealing with a loved one’s pornography addiction. She lets herself know that she will be able to find relief through praying, reading the Book of Mormon, and attending the Addiction Recovery Program family support meetings.

  • The Savior's LoveThe Savior's Love
    Karin learned the valuable lesson of Christlike love after discovering her younger brother’s addiction to pornography.

  • Prepared for the JourneyPrepared for the Journey
    When Sarah discovered her husband’s addiction to pornography, she felt ashamed to share her feelings with anyone. But through her journey, she learned to rely on the Savior and become strengthened through her trials.

  • Cleansing the Inner VesselCleansing the Inner Vessel
    Dale led a double life with his pornography addiction. Seeing his marriage fall apart, Dale decided to come clean and learn how to overcome his addiction.