• Made in His ImageMade in His Image
    Sexual addiction interfered with Sidreis’s life in many ways, but she was terrified to attend an ARP meeting. With the encouragement of her bishop, Sidreis was able to realize she didn't have to struggle alone.

  • Moving in the Right DirectionMoving in the Right Direction
    Samuel kept relapsing with his pornography addiction, fighting to free himself from his lifelong struggle. He finally realized that he could conquer his addiction as he helped others in return.

  • Of Great WorthOf Great Worth
    Even when a drug addiction almost ended Lou Ann’s life, she still couldn’t stop. But a simple prayer in prison helped her realize the great worth she possessed as a beloved daughter of God.

  • Recovery is PossibleRecovery is Possible
    Jason felt like he would never overcome his addiction to pornography. From the advice of a wise branch president, he learned about ARP meetings and felt the Spirit’s influence come back into his life.

  • Relying on FaithRelying on Faith
    Jenna spent time in and out of rehabilitation throughout high school and college. After giving up her addictions, she found the healing she needed through the Addiction Recovery Program as she learned to rely on her faith through difficult times.

  • The Lord Sends His ServantsThe Lord Sends His Servants
    A simple note from a home teacher helped Robert find the courage to pray sincerely for recovery and seek the path back to the gospel.

  • The Search for Something MoreThe Search for Something More
    Chris’s life was filled with abuse and addiction. After many struggles and relapses, he realized the power of the Atonement could transform his heart.

  • The Thoughts of the HeartThe Thoughts of the Heart
    Jesse ran into pornography by accident, but his thoughts kept him from forgetting the experience. While serving as a missionary, he learned for himself what he taught his investigators about the power of Christ's atonement.

  • We'll Do It TogetherWe'll Do It Together
    Kristine and her husband knew their addictive lifestyles were destroying their lives. But together, they worked to find happiness again.