• Dear ChristyDear Christy
    Christy writes about her two oldest sons’ addiction to heroin and how, despite the difficulties of the situation, her relationship with Christ was strengthened through this experience.

  • Dear DarleneDear Darlene
    Darlene writes to her younger self about dealing with her son’s drug addiction. She counsels herself that by avoiding trying to “fix” her son, she will be able to more effectively support him.

  • Dear JohnDear John
    John writes to his younger self about trying to help his son overcome his heroin addiction through love and use of the 12-step program.

  • Dear RickDear Rick
    Rick writes to his younger self about the struggle of his sons’ drug addictions and the hope the Atonement offers.

  • Allowing the Lord to SteerAllowing the Lord to Steer
    Janene’s constant worry about her son’s drug and alcohol addictions turned her into someone she didn’t want to be. But through attending the ARP Family Support Group meetings, Janene found strength and peace.

  • Lost, but Now FoundLost, but Now Found
    Diane’s son was lost in the world of drugs and alcohol for many years. Her son learned from her example to rely on the Savior and, in turn, helped many of his fellow strugglers find the same path.