• Dear BridgetDear Bridget
    Bridget writes to her younger self about the pain of dealing with a loved one’s pornography addiction. She lets herself know that she will be able to find relief through praying, reading the Book of Mormon, and attending the Addiction Recovery Program family support meetings.

  • Dear ShayeDear Shaye
    Shaye writes to her younger self about her husband’s addiction. She encourages herself to remember that this trial is not her fault and that it does not diminish her personal worth.

  • Dear ShannonDear Shannon
    Shannon writes to her younger self about continuing to trust in God despite the challenging circumstances caused by her husband’s addictions.

  • The Savior's LoveThe Savior's Love
    Karin learned the valuable lesson of Christlike love after discovering her younger brother’s addiction to pornography.

  • Prepared for the JourneyPrepared for the Journey
    When Sarah discovered her husband’s addiction to pornography, she felt ashamed to share her feelings with anyone. But through her journey, she learned to rely on the Savior and become strengthened through her trials.

  • Dear JohnDear John
    John writes to his younger self about trying to help his son overcome his heroin addiction through love and use of the 12-step program.

  • Dear RickDear Rick
    Rick writes to his younger self about the struggle of his sons’ drug addictions and the hope the Atonement offers.

  • Dear DebbieDear Debbie
    Debbie counsels her former self about her son’s addiction and how, despite his actions, she must remember to never give up on him.

  • Dear DJDear DJ
    DJ writes about staying strong and continuing to trust the Lord despite the challenge of dealing with her husband’s addiction.