• Dear ReedDear Reed
    Reed writes to his younger self about the addiction of his sons and how this experience has given him an entirely different perspective on the Atonement, as well as a stronger relationship with Christ.

  • Dear MarilynDear Marilyn
    Marilyn writes to her younger self about her sons’ addiction and how she can best support them through love and by relying on the merits of Jesus Christ.

  • Dear HeatherDear Heather
    Heather writes to her younger self about the hurt that comes from having an addicted husband and how she is able to have hope through remembering that she is never alone.

  • Allowing the Lord to SteerAllowing the Lord to Steer
    Janene’s constant worry about her son’s drug and alcohol addictions turned her into someone she didn’t want to be. But through attending the ARP Family Support Group meetings, Janene found strength and peace.

  • Lost, but Now FoundLost, but Now Found
    Diane’s son was lost in the world of drugs and alcohol for many years. Her son learned from her example to rely on the Savior and, in turn, helped many of his fellow strugglers find the same path.

  • The Power to Heal AllThe Power to Heal All
    When a pornography addiction entered Joanne’s marriage, she did not know how much it would affect her. She soon found herself in deep despair. Once she participated in the Addiction Recovery Program and online support groups, Joanne discovered how to respond to her trials.

  • Believing in the Power to HealBelieving in the Power to Heal
    Tara did not know if she should pursue her relationship with a man who had a past with pornography addiction. After many prayers, Tara found her answer.

  • Nothing is ImpossibleNothing is Impossible
    After Kacie learned about her husband's pornography addiction, she was faced with the decision to continue or end their marriage. After much prayer, her decision led to her own healing and recovery.

  • I Am LovedI Am Loved
    When Staci heard her boyfriend was addicted to pornography, she did all she could to help him on the road to recovery. Through her experiences, she gained a testimony of God’s love for His children.