Training Videos

Learn how to become an effective group leader, facilitator, or program coordinator by watching the following training videos.

Being a Group Leader

What does it take to be a group leader in the Addiction Recovery Program? Experienced group leader missionaries describe insights and experiences they've had that help them in their callings, including how to prepare, how to select and train facilitators, how to respond when participants violate meeting procedures, and more.

Being a Facilitator

What does it take to be a facilitator in the Addiction Recovery Program? The role of facilitators is vital because they are the evidence that recovery is possible. Experienced facilitators share insights and experiences that help them serve more effectively in their roles at Addiction Recovery meetings. Insights include how to prepare for meetings, how to help maintain the Spirit and order during the sharing portion of recovery meetings, how to work with missionary group leaders, and more.

Being a Program Coordinator

Program coordinators oversee the Addiction Recovery Program. Experienced program coordinators describe insights into how to run a successful Addiction Recovery Program. Their insights include learning how to apply the steps of recovery into one's own life, how to delegate responsibilities, how to work with Family Services, and more.