What Is the Spouse and Family Support Program?

If you have a spouse or loved one who is struggling with an addiction or other problematic behaviors, you may feel discouraged, betrayed, hurt, or hopeless. You may worry about the significant consequences that seem to loom over you and your loved one. Perhaps you just feel concerned and want to help. You can get support and find healing through spouse and family support groups.


Spouse and family support groups sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help spouses and family members of those struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviors. Support groups use gospel principles that help participants find healing, happiness, and peace through Jesus Christ. These principles can provide comfort, strength, and healing along with practical guidance on how to set boundaries, deal with relapses, and provide appropriate support to a loved one struggling with addiction. 

Spouses and family members can receive support by attending spouse and family support group meetings and by studying the spouse and family support guide. The support groups can help you know that you’re not alone and can give you strength to move forward. You can attend meetings in person or over the phone. (Find a meeting here or read “What Can I Expect from an Spouse and Family Support Group?” to learn more.) The meetings are free, participants remain anonymous, and all information shared will remain confidential. 

Understand that though a support group can be a great help for you, you may also need professional help to deal with this difficult challenge.

Regardless of whether or not your loved one learns how to live in recovery, you can receive peace and healing through the Savior Jesus Christ. You may be suffering because of the choices of a loved one, but as you apply gospel principles in your life, you can find peace and feel the love of your Heavenly Parents.